Friday, July 23

Bob finds it utterly amazing that we have only been gone two days at this point. He's holding up well ... we think.

Pulled out of camp at about 10:00am. Stopped at Desert View, climbed tower, took pictures. Bob dispensed Kiddy Kitty quarters. Drove through Painted Desert. Noted Indian dwellings with TV antennas and Cadillacs. Fair driving conditions. The road is at least four inches wider than the coach and under construction. Didn't take quite as long as scheduled as we took a hundred-mile short cut, in spite of Donna's planning.

Discovered to our joy that the coach was getting 8.9 miles/gallon. Decided on steak for dinner. Grocery shopped in Page, pork chops for dinner. $89 this time. Tennis and swimming for kids at Powell Lake Lodge. Saw Al Unser and friends docking boat.

Toni got a hair cut compliments of Bob and Theresa while dinner was being cooked. Watched a spectacular lightening show sponsored by the Lake Powell Chamber of Commerce. Kids played Frisbee by flashlight. Theresa directed game, inching closer and closer to the cute guys at picnic table. At 10:00PM, Greg offered Mike the option of going off to spark rocks or "look for women". They sparked rocks.