Saturday, July 24

Ready to pull out of Page at 8:15. Greg still in showers. Bob's profound words for the day - "If the kids won't come to the home, the home will come to the kids." We picked up Greg on the way out.

Visited Glen Canyon Dam.

Drove through Zion. Took the scenic route through the tunnels, where the side of the tunnels played havoc with the CB antenna. Bev stayed on the floor for the whole drive.

Drove through Red Canyon to Ruby's Inn. Kids elated with swimming, ping pong, video games, fishing pond, and RODEO! We found heaven. Dinner was spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad. Bev washed clothes. All but Donna and Bob went to rodeo with real cowboys and livestock. Greg and Mike participated in calf chase. Didn't chase fast enough, but had a good time. Bundled up in long johns, sweatshirts, ski jackets, tassel caps, and still froze.

Walked back to coach for hot chocolate and to interrupt Donna and Bob's SCRAMBLE game, pitched tent and turned in for the night.