Sunday, July 25

11:30 Left Ruby's Inn for Monroe. Drove through Bryce. Looked out over Rainbow Point. Rushed back to coach for lunch, watched it HAIL while we ate. Down through Bryce and on to the big town of Monroe, where we readily found Main Street and 100 South, our home for the night.

Hadn't made plans for dinner - no groceries on Sunday in Mormon country - and no such thing as an open store in Monroe. One restaurant open in the surrounding area, "Up the Creek". Limited everyone to $6 (even though Greg was hoping for lobster and KK and Bob for steak). Dinner was delightful. Kids returned to swim in 130-degree water piped in from hot springs 100 yards away.

Returned to coach, where Bobby started making plans to meet the cute neighbor. After Bobby tried taking each dog for a walk (twice), cousin Theresa helped out by knocking on the door and saying "I don't know how you feel about this, but my cousin is dying to meet you." Debbie came over for brownies, kids sat out at the picnic table and giggled until 11:30. Big people sat inside and giggled while KK performed her first "wet the pants" trick.