Wednesday, July 28

Left Provo at 10:00 for Sandy (Salt Lake City). Stopped to treat the coach to a new Sears Die Hard. Bev spent lots of traveler's checks on jackets and stuff (snow gloves to take back to Florida).

Then up Provo Canyon, looking for caves on a road where a sign read "not recommended for vehicles over 15 feet". Bob hung a left and accelerated without hesitation, and up we went. And up and up and up, and down on the floor went Bev. And the rains came, everyone changed into ski clothes (very cold) and then lightening and as the road narrows, we approach a sign reading "Entering restricted motor vehicle area", which Bev reads as "If you value your life, turn around, NOW!" Easy for them to say, but we had a 24 foot motor home and no side roads. Bob did an excellent job turning us around and getting us down a wet, narrow, winding mountain road.

Forfeited the cave adventure.

Arrived at campground and to all the kids' delight there was a 29-cent hamburger joint in our back yard. Mike commented that he was starving for some "real food". After lunch at Dee's, we headed out for the Great Salt Lake, wherever that is! Because the state of Utah finds it offensive to mark their highways, and amusing to conceal their landmarks, we drove around for over an hour looking for a thirty by eighty-mile lake! All piled out of the coach to "float like a cork" in the lake with all of the little red things. Reactions follow:

Theresa: Filled with a bunch of red bugs