Monday, August 9

Donna goes to doctor to have foot X-rayed. Growth on nerve ending, just something to live with.

Grocery shopping with Grandpa, raining and cold. Grandpa drove home in the rain in the Plymouth (no windshield wipers), and only ran into one car - HONEST!

Montana night at the festival. So awful everyone except the Grandparents left for coffee at Natali's.

Tuesday, August 10

Fishing and shopping. Everyone went to the lodge for dinner, Polish sausages, hamburgers, hotdogs, and salads galore. Seven handed pinochle for the adults (Donna won). Pool, blackjack, and foosball for the kids. Surprise! Nita showed up. A good time for all. Grandma and Vern go to the festival. Home at 11:00.

Wednesday, August 11

Picnic and fishing at Ron Wolfe's dairy farm. Fire by the creek. Bev and Donna went raspberry picking - got one each.

Shopped and prepared for tomorrow's pack trip. Made chili and invited Hans up for dinner. English/Irish night at the festival. Grandma, Bev, and kids go to festival with Vern. Vern and Terri attend impromptu rehearsal and the rest stay to watch, returning quite late. Nita drops in for a visit.