Wednesday, July 21

A beautiful drive up the switchbacks to Flagstaff and then on to the Grand Canyon.

Rode the tram around. Read tombstones. Cooked hamburgers on the grill. Then went to a campfire talk upon Bev's insistence. KK and five kids were "bored to death" with the hour-long narrative of a lady traveling to the north rim in 1911. The others stayed and loved it. KK toured surrounding pastures all night with Mike's disease of two days previous.

Thursday, July 22

The whole crew, minus one sickie, went on a tour of the west rim to view a beautiful thunder- and rainstorm. Returned home, where Bobby and Theresa cooked tacos.

Mike and Greg chose the movie "E.T." for the evening's entertainment. Accompanied kids to theater, left explicit instructions on how to return on tram; even practiced going to bus stop. Visited mules on return to camp. Bob and kids tried to light fire with two squirts of lighter fluid. Made s'mores.

Bev and KK return to bus stop to meet our "big boys". No one there. Met next bus - no one there! Bev rode the circuit, while Terri and KK waited for the third bus. 10:05, boys arrive with wet eyes and white faces. Seems Greg lost his jacket once again, returned for it, couldn't find the bus stop - very dark, very scary! Greg fell over RR tracks, followed a stranger, ran "like hell!", and finally found Mike and the bus stop in the dark. Hot chocolate and lots of love back at the coach, and then to bed.

Donna and then Greg suffer some of the same "stuff", although no tours of nearby fields.