Wednesday, July 28

K-Mart was next. Bob finally got a ski jacket.

Barbecued chicken, cole slaw, bread and potatoes for dinner. Frisbee and games for the kids, KK brought a sweatsuit with her. While shopping at Sears, she told Bev that hers was a large, and convinced Bev that she needed an XL. Bev thought it looked big, but KK assured her that it would shrink. Bev just tried it on, looked so funny that she started wetting her pants coming out of the coach and was quickly joined by KK. Both outfits are now in the wash.

Thursday, July 29

Drove to Salt Lake City to visit Temple Square. Heard a half-hour organ recital in the tabernacle, 11,000 pipes, spectacular! Toured the grounds. Spotted McDonalds across the street. Lunched on chicken McNuggets, Big Macs, milk shakes, sundaes, turnovers, and french fries. More real food, what a treat! Drove up canyon to Bear Lake (Garden City). Everyone looking forward to a campfire to roast hot dogs. The "big people" took charge of the fire while Greg and Mike donned ski jackets and hunting knives to venture up the mountainside. Theresa and Bobby strolled around the park looking for WOMEN and GUYS (no luck again). Terri went visiting the neighbors.

Meanwhile, after an hour of paper, lighter fluid, charcoal, plastic Doritos bags, shavings, and wet wood there was still no fire. Bev got smart and went after dry wood. We finally had a fire to roast marshmallows, hot dogs, and s'mores.

Retired for the night. Kicked Bobby, Greg, and Mike out for too much giggling after hours. Bobby sneaked back in shortly. Mike and Greg stuck it out a little longer, before sneaking in, teeth chattering.