Monday, August 2

Did laundry with neighbor from Shreveport. Left for Lake Hotel (whatever that is) to meet Uncle Don and, maybe, Rick between 12:00 and 2:00. They arrived at 2:00, because Rick had trouble rising that morning. Ate lunch and drank beer in the hotel parking lot.

Moved to the marina at Bridge Bay and got fishing licenses, Doritos and dip. Too windy to fish, so sat in RV and listened to Rick tell lies. The wind finally died down and the boys went fishing about 5:00 Girls shopped for chili, but no ingredients, so substituted spaghetti.

Boys returned with six fish and one sick kid. As Mike was hanging over the side of the boat throwing up, Uncle Don asked "Does he do this often?" Ate spaghetti and listened to more fish tales. Mike sat on commode until Donna finally asked our company to go home. Bobby stayed with Rick and Don in the camper. Arrived at camp around 11:00, with Mike very sick and asleep in bathroom. Bev and family took tent.

Mike had terrible time all night, about every 15 minutes, from both ends. Filled three garbage bags with towels, clothes, rugs. Called emergency room at Lake about 6:00 am (2:30 by Bev's watch.)

Tuesday, August 3

Woke up the "big D" at 6:00. Thunder and lightening, folded tent in record time. No waiting at entrance gate. Roads were wet, and then slushy. Arrived at front door of hospital at 7:30 am. Admitted Mike with a temperature of 93 degrees and dehydration. IV's aren't on Mike's LIKE list. Took an hour, two nurses and three doctors to locate a vein. (sunken because of body temp.) Very brave little boy - not one tear, and lots of hurt.

Remainder of crew did laundry, called Mother and got another camp-site, closer than 40 miles to hospital. Bev and family went fishing with Uncle Don and Rick while KK and Theresa stayed with Mike in hospital. Donna and Bob had lunch at the Lake Hotel.