Thursday, August 12

Nita took Theresa to Billings to catch her plane, leaving at 7:00. Left at 8:00am for Timberline Lake pack trip with Uncle Vernon as trail guide. Vernon carried a small backpack with fishing tackle and supplies, but, thanks to Bobby, we had a delicious lunch of trail mix, dried fruits, bread sticks, salami, cheese and apples. Bobby's pack was certainly lighter on the return trip, as we all had hearty appetites after the 3-3/4 mile hike up the mountain. Uncle Vernon strategically avoided telling us how much altitude we covered. He never even breathed hard as the rest of us neared collapse. The boys led the way up and back and left numerous bouquets of wildflowers plus messages scratched in the trail or spelled out in rocks. Fished from 11:30 until 2:30. The fish stopped biting for everyone but Vernon. The return trip was almost as rough as the uphill.

Yugoslavian night at the festival. Terri danced with the rest of the Waples clan and did very well.